Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Styling Amelia Lily

It's X Factor season again, so probably a good time to tell you about a little lady who has been keeping me busy over the last few months...  the lovely Amelia Lily.

I started working with her management and record label back in Summer (aaah Summer, remember that?) when she was busy working on her first release and she was no doubt going to need a million and one outfits and they needed someone up for the job. Me. Hurrah!

I came up with a moodboard ( I LOVE moodboards, as you will learn) when I first met up with her crew, detailing a summery blend of LA cool, laid back street style, pastels, denim, piled-on arm candy, leathers, dip dye, and Summer's favourite - studs.

Amelia Lily's very own moodboard by moi
This trend is most definitely one of my favourites when it comes to styling, and lucky for us both it suited her perfectly and was similar to her own personal style, of which she has bags.

Her first promo shoot was amazing. We shot with Bella Howard who totally captured the cool of Amelia.
Looking gorgeous in promo shots. (© Sony/Bella Howard)

She's been a busy little bee over the last few months and recently her debut went to Number 2 - well done that girl. So there's been plenty of running around town getting her outfits for everythng from swanky parties, performances to TV appearances and red carpet events.

We had a little try on the other day and I love this shot of Amelia, taken at my agency office one evening, looking chilled out and gorgeous despite having been dashing around non-stop all day...

I always think this is one of the looks that suits her best - a girly dress (this velvet one is from Miss Selfridge), biker style boots (glitter boots from Bertie), bold necklace (New Look), topped off with a biker jacket (quilted stud shoulder jacket also from New Look).

And I love her hair here - My Little Pony a go-go!

Look out for more of Amelia in the coming months, she's a star. 

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