Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Poster love

I'm going a little bit off-piste here for the first time, but this blog was always meant to cover design, travel food and, well, pretty much anything, as well as fashion.

So I came across these posters the other week online and thought they were brilliant. Inspired by children's fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen and Grimm amongst others, their minimal design and lovely muted colour palette caught my eye right away.

Perfect for my friend who has just had a little boy and wants to stylishly decorate her playroom, but also thinking of getting a few myself. Love them.

The posters are by Christian Jackson and you can buy them from his website here.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ellie Simmonds for Fabulous

Today's cover of Fabulous featured the world-record-breaking-gold-medal-winning-teen-swimming-sensation Ellie Simmonds, styled by me.

We went for a mix of girly lace with tomboy shirts, cute collars and tough embellishment. Winning outfits were from Topshop and River Island.

Ellie has THE most infectious laugh and my assistant and I had a ball behind the closed doors of the dressing room with her. And if something didn't fit or didn't look great? (Every stylists fear...) No problem! On to the next with a giggle. What a top girl.

Ellie and her infectious smile in the dressing room

Love this look on Ellie © Sean McMenomy/Fabulous .

The cover © Sean McMenomy/Fabulous . 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A sneak peek at Adidas SS13

I don't usually hyperventilate about sportswear unless I'm in it and I've done one too many laps of the park, mainly because when it comes to editorial shoots it can be, well, a little too boring and functional for my liking.

But today's sneak preview of Adidas' S/S13 range at their Covent Garden head office proved to be anything but boring. In fact, quite the opposite.

I was bowled over by the blast of 90s colour and print in the fantastic Originals Blue range. It zooms you right back to 90s after-school American TV - Saved By The Bell, Fresh Prince, Boy Meets World... it all came flooding back. (Remember Topanga? We did today!) A real hit of retro sunshine on a very grey London day.

Stand-out as always was Jeremy Scott's new range for Spring. We've had teddy bears, now it's pink poodles on trainers. Wow. Also in the range is cool basketball tops, crazy prints and cut out jackets that basically make me want to phone Rihanna and tell her all about them. (And then maybe subtley ask to style her for a glossy cover shoot?)

The new Stella McCartney range was beautiful. Sheer fabrics, pastel shades and botanical print, designed to be worn layered so colour shows through. Now that's the kind of gear I want to be running in next Spring.

Spring's Y-3 collection was impressive too, with plenty of acid colour pops and tropical print within the perfectly-designed futuristic range. With it's trademark strong silhouettes this really is sports luxe at it's finest. A bit more out of the everyday price range, but worth it.

So then sportswear, I take it all back. You CAN be amazing!

Jeremy Scott's fabulous high fashion range.

Poodles! Pink poodles! 

Jeremy Scott's trademark wings.

Insanely amazing.

Oh my God! I want to shoot this.

Original 90s Adidas ad - inspiration for Spring.

Stella's print parka. Hello Spring 2013.

Amazing lilac metallics by Stella McMartney.

Stella's floral swimsuit. I want to go swimming.

It's all about the girls.

Retro pastels by Stella.

Serious sports luxe.

Tropical print at Y-3.

And finally... some lovely cakes!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hot off the press... Kelly O

Ta-da! I can finally reveal the Kelly O cover I've been waiting to share, out this Sunday, shot by the super cool Euan Danks...

I LOVED working with Kelly. I was dubious after what I've read about her over the years but she is the most easy-going down-to-earth girl ever. We clicked and I had such a laugh whilst producing what is probably my favourite cover shoot. Super fashion, super editorial. V proud of this one.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A quick sejourn to Paris


So I'm just back from the most romantic city in the world. After a busy week of shooting I whisked the fella off to Paris for his birthday. (Hang on, sure this should be the other way around?).

Last time I was there I was working (with the amazing photographer Andrea Spotorno for Asos.com) so it was nice to go back again for fun.

Here's just a few snaps from one of my favourite cities.

Au revoir!

Sunday, 7 October 2012


It felt like quite a biggie when I was asked to style Leona Lewis for Fabulous. She's just one of those people that is so talented and gorgeous, you don't want a thing to go wrong. She's a pretty big star too, and you kind of get that vibe when you meet her. Something a bit special about this girl.

Theme of the shoot was metallics, so I whipped up a quick moodboard prior to the shoot. Loads of great inspiration for this one...

I felt a bit nervous on the shoot, which I haven't done in years, and there were quite specific instructions as to what she would and wouldn't wear. Plus as a strict vegan all leather/feather/pleather was out. Actually this was harder than it seems. Despite trying to remember this whilst selecting pieces for her I still managed to present leather and feather to her. How could I forget where feathers some from? BIRDS, Chloe. Cue my assistant hurriedly hiding a few things...

Leona's rail of metallic delights. (Feathers removed shortly after photo was taken...)

Jewels for LL. Again, feathers removed shortly after photo was taken...

Great selection of vintage accessories from Winchester Vintage. Thanks Charlotte! And no feather to hide - whoop!

I got that buzz... the one that makes me love my job more than anything...a few shots into the day when Leona put on the Andrew Majtenyi dress she wore for the cover. She worked it and we ended up with this amazing cover, out today...

And here's just some of the other great shots by photographer Elisabeth Hoff...

Leona shines in Maria Grachvogel

Leona was happy to mix designer with High Street. Shoes from Schuh.

And then with hardly time to breathe it was on to the next celeb shoot that was going to be a potentially tricky one...

Thursday, 4 October 2012

A MASSIVE fashion moment - AdR at H&M

Do I really need any words for this blog post? Just take a look at this video of the Anna Dello Russo for H&M party held in Paris last week. It totally sums up what an exciting collaboration this is. And guess what - the wait is over, it's out TODAY! 

The party was to celebrate the new line of jewellery, shoes and accessories that Anna Dello Russo has designed for H&M, in true OTT style. Snake bracelets, crocodile adorned sunnies, killer heels, ornate luggage (much like AdR's dress above, actually) and an amazing feather headdress. And loads of gold. Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold. Did I tell you Anna likes gold?

Take a look at the collection below...

All pictures © H&M

Get the totally amazing range here - if you are lucky enough to be able to get onto the site, that is. I have been trying since 9am today without any luck and I imagine it is bonkers in store too. No surprises really as this is the hottest High Street team-up for a long time. I expect the collection, on sale from today in 140 stores and online , to sell like the hottest, gold encrusted potatoes you have ever handled. 

So for those who aren't familiar with AdR, the "fashion maniac" - Helmut Newton's words, not mine, may I add - is the Editor-at-Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. I imagine you'd have to be a little bit bonkers/creative/amazing to do that job. She is snapped at every event and fashion week going in her bold and excessive outfits and has become a fashion icon over the years. Even him indoors touted her as "one to watch this year, Chloe". Impressive.

AdR herself says, "Excess for me means success". And excess there was at her Paris party, with her army of mini AdR's vogue-ing around her. Quite amazing.  (Oh and Azealia Banks popped in for a performance, of course.)

Proper fashion history - get involved if you can!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Styling Amelia Lily

It's X Factor season again, so probably a good time to tell you about a little lady who has been keeping me busy over the last few months...  the lovely Amelia Lily.

I started working with her management and record label back in Summer (aaah Summer, remember that?) when she was busy working on her first release and she was no doubt going to need a million and one outfits and they needed someone up for the job. Me. Hurrah!

I came up with a moodboard ( I LOVE moodboards, as you will learn) when I first met up with her crew, detailing a summery blend of LA cool, laid back street style, pastels, denim, piled-on arm candy, leathers, dip dye, and Summer's favourite - studs.

Amelia Lily's very own moodboard by moi
This trend is most definitely one of my favourites when it comes to styling, and lucky for us both it suited her perfectly and was similar to her own personal style, of which she has bags.

Her first promo shoot was amazing. We shot with Bella Howard who totally captured the cool of Amelia.
Looking gorgeous in promo shots. (© Sony/Bella Howard)

She's been a busy little bee over the last few months and recently her debut went to Number 2 - well done that girl. So there's been plenty of running around town getting her outfits for everythng from swanky parties, performances to TV appearances and red carpet events.

We had a little try on the other day and I love this shot of Amelia, taken at my agency office one evening, looking chilled out and gorgeous despite having been dashing around non-stop all day...

I always think this is one of the looks that suits her best - a girly dress (this velvet one is from Miss Selfridge), biker style boots (glitter boots from Bertie), bold necklace (New Look), topped off with a biker jacket (quilted stud shoulder jacket also from New Look).

And I love her hair here - My Little Pony a go-go!

Look out for more of Amelia in the coming months, she's a star.