Sunday, 27 January 2013

Those Brian Lichtenberg sweaters...

I've been TOTALLY suckered by popular culture and bought a Brian Lichtenberg sweater.

An Instagram hit and celebrity favourite, Brian Lichtenberg is an LA designer who's collection of tees, hoodies, sweaters and caps are emblazoned with logos that look like well known designers, with a clever play on words.

I'll blame one of my favourite Brit models Cara Delevingne, who has championed the label on Instagram, for my recent purchase.

A limited selection is available from Browns Focus in London (there were very few left when I was there and I thought I was going to have fistycuffs with a guy who wanted the same as me). My jumper was £100 from here.

Amazingly tacky, perhaps, but I love them.

Cara in her Bucci design, photo ©

Miley Cyrus loves her Homies. Photo ©

photo ©

How to wear:

I reckon I'll be wearing mine over an oversize denim shirt (here a men's one by BDG - a great denim brand available at Urban Outfitters) and jeans (again BDG - my faithful bright blues). Try gold jewellery like a Fendi initial charm (not as expensive as you think!). Roll with the 90s vibe and wear with trainers (mine are Nike x Liberty from Office).

My other FELINE. Always on trend.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The last shoots of 2012

A very, very belated Happy New Year everyone!

I've totally neglected my blog due to Christmas festivities/holiday/eating (the eating took up a LOT of time) and then some full-on work in the New Year. Poor excuse but it really has been non-stop.

I was expecting the end of last year to be quiet in the run-up to Christmas, but it was mega. I had cover shoots with an inspiringly fit Josie Gibson, a super friendly and super hot Mel Sykes, and the absolutely delightful Kimberley Walsh.

Here are the covers - and some backstage snaps - from the December shoots...

This weekend's cover of Fabulous

Me and Miss Walsh

The very HOT Mel Sykes's Josie.

Josie has a quick pre-shoot try on.

Shots on the day

Photographer Pete "relaxing"

Just hanging out, on a ladder.