Friday, 31 August 2012

London 2012

After trying pretty much every day (without success) to get tickets during the Olympics, I was super excited about getting tickets for the Paralympics, particularly as I managed to get the first day of equestrian. Yeeha!

We were so unlucky (check out the ominous skies in the pictures...) with the weather but it didn't dampen our spirits. A very inspiring morning.

An amazing view of the city from the stadium.

Friendly staff everywhere. You rock, Olympic volunteers.

Pop up cafe at Lewisham DLR station.

Very very soon there will be pictures of my cover shoot with an Olympic gold medalist... stay tuned.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bring on the broots

Mmm, I LOVE these brogue boots (broots?) I saw in Bertie this week. It almost makes me wish it was Autumn now. Almost...

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Neck candy

I tend to feel that less is more when it comes to jewellery and accessories so totally agree with Coco Chanel when she said to "always take off the last thing you put on". However, Coco my dear, I think you'd have to wrestle this amazing necklace off of me. I love a bold statement necklace with a simple top or dress, and this is my current favourite, £17.99 from Zara. Perfect with a breton stripe top.

Monday, 27 August 2012

About Me

A London Stylist is me - Chloe Wood.

I'm a Fashion Editor and Stylist who lives in South London with my boyfriend and cat. I'd really love a horse though.

I have worked in the fashion industry since 2002, contributing to a variety of magazines and newpapers, styling celebs and also working for big High Street brands. Determination and hard work paid off and I have one of the best jobs I can imagine.

My blog is about everything I see and do that inspires me, things I love and you may love too, from food to fashion, film to furniture, and all that frolics inbetween.