Saturday, 27 July 2013

Metallics shoot | From moodboard to magazine...

The last of my Barbados shoots was out the other week and I was really pleased with how I managed to achieve the original concept I had with this one. It doesn't always work like that and sometimes you have to let go of much-loved original ideas.

It was a metallics story, "7 days of shine" - how to add a bit of sparkle or shimmer to your Summer wardrobe.

Here is a picture of the original moodboard I made a few weeks before we shot when I was brainstorming story ideas:

And here's the moodboard from my shoot:

I never wanted to copy any of the shots form the moodboard but wanted to capture those mouthwatering blues, the warmth, and the shine of the clothes.

It was a long hard day that day - our final shoot on a ten day trip, but we pulled it out the (sequin clutch) bag. Thanks to a fantastic team.

All the clothes are High Street unlike all the designer on the original moodboard. Check out the cheap as chips white blazer from Primark...

Here are the final pictures that went into the magazine:

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Work Travels | Berlin + Edinburgh

Last week was a busy one and there hasn't been much time for blogging of late as I have left my trusty laptop at home so as not to add to the already heavy bags I've been carting around.

First up was 24 hours in Berlin as a guest of Chase PR to learn a bit more about Transitions lenses and Berlin frames designer ic! Berlin. I hadn't been to Berlin since A-level German (Wie komme ich am bestern zum Bahnhof bitte?) and things had changed. It felt a cold bleak place when I went back then, and now it's like a giant sunny Shoreditch - but without the try-hard vibe. I must get back there soon for a proper explore.

Then it was off to Edinburgh for 2 days shooting with a client I have been working with for years, so there was good food and good chat with a team I've known for a long time. A few vinos at sunset when we finished shooting. Perfect.

Berlin streets

Volt restaurant

Volt lighting

Volt - an ex-battery factory

Sunglasses at ic! Berlin

View from the offices of ic! Berlin
Beautiful Edinburgh

Sunset over Edinburgh
The Outsider restaurant - 2nd visit - fantastic food and view of castle

Waiting for the train home

Sunday, 7 July 2013

WIBTW | @ Feast Festival

Today was the first Feast festival in West Norwood since we moved here. I'd heard from friends it was good, and maybe it was partly due to the blazing sun and blue skies, but I have to say it was a brilliant day. Music, food, fantastic stalls (there are 4 main areas: retro village, artisans market, fresh n green and food fair - I bought something in each!)... I have to say it's confirmed for me this is a good place to live! I even bumped into a make-up artist I hadn't seen for years selling delicious French food with her fella. Small world. 

Here's a few snaps from the day, including a few snaps of what I bought. The highlight of my buys was my gold fill stacking rings from Crystal & Stone. I have wanted some like this for a while so super-chuffed with these. We also got a great print lampshade from Rosa & Clara Designs, some lavender, and as homage to the place we used to call home, a Brixton tea towel...