Friday, 19 April 2013

Fashion trip | Model Casting

So we are full steam ahead for the Barbados trip. Countdown = 6 days.

One of the last things to be sorted will be finalising models as it's hard to secure the girls until late in the day, depending on their other work options holding.  

I am currently casting girls inbetween running around showrooms selecting the clothes, and a million and one other things.

Casting girls for great editorial is one of my favourite parts of my job.

I need two fantastic girls for this trip, they will each do 3 stories so will need to be very versatile.

Yesterday I popped into M+P Model Agency in Soho to meet some of their girls. Here are just some of my favourite faces:





Still a few more to see then it will be decision time.

Look out for the girls that get selected when the shoots are published!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fashion Trip | Barbados!

I'm off to Barbados!

For work!


Bognor on a good day. Or Barbados?
(Picture ©
These are the things that you work so hard for. Years as an assistant who no one talks to or cares about, a million Devil Wears Prada moments ("You're going to the Polo with your husband this weekend? How lovely. Yes of COURSE I can get him an outfit in half an hour!"), late nights, freelancing on desks where they don't bother to learn your name ("Fashion, where is your copy?"), working for peanuts... it all pays off when you get to do a trip like this.

So I'm off to Barbados in a last minute decision by the magazine I am working for to shoot 6 main fashion stories.

Usually a Fashion Editor would have about eight weeks to plan something like this. I have about one. Cue eye twitches and sitting bolt upright in the middle of the night, heart pounding. 

So prep is underway. Photographers have been found, flights booked, clothes are being sourced and locations scouted.

As much as it is exciting, it's equally stressful.

And the weather? My enemy at the moment. Let's just keep our fingers crossed!

So stay tuned to see how it all goes...

Monday, 15 April 2013

WIBTW (What I Bought This Week): Miu Miu splurge

Blogging is getting tricky at the moment. Apologies for my slackness. I am working long hours on the magazine so not doing a lot else and have very little time to blog.  Very little time to do anything in fact! But it's all for the greater good...

All this hard work deserves a treat. It was payday for me last week and I felt a splurge coming on, to make up for all the late nights at the office.

Where to go when you want to spoil yourself rotten? Why, Selfridges, of course! 3 hours later I find myself in the shoe hall...

I rarely buy designer as can't often afford it but this time I felt the need. Shoes and handbags, right? Investment pieces, RIGHT?

So check out these little Miu Miu beauties. Salmon pink patent loafers. Definitely a timeless classic. Although someone did point out "What about your last pair of 'timeless classic loafers'. Go out of date?' Fair point. But c'mon, look at their cute little faces...

What I REALLY wanted was these Christopher Kane Chelsea boots with neon elastic. They are me all over. Classic but with a slight lariy twist. But at over £600 pounds, it was definitely unrequited love.

Then, just when I thought I'd seen it all, Marc Jacobs pops up with these mousey numbers. Love them. But reminded myself am not twelve... But so cute!

So I ogled something a little more grown up in the form of these gorgeous suede Acne boots. Divine.

And what other delights did this week hold for me?

It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise. I managed to go for a run, do my ballet class at The Brockwell Lido which I so rarely have time to do, and spend time with the legend that is Blue the Horse. We had hours together in the sunshine. A few of my favourite things, for sure.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

BEAUTY DUO OF THE DAY: Neon and nude from Bobbi Brown

A colleague at work got sent some new Bobbi Brown products this week and very kindly shared them with the team. I had a keen rummage and came away with a few products I fancied.

As it turns out I was holding the hottest beauty trend for SS13 in my mitts - neon and nude. Often a key look on the runways and in editorial (it was the beauty look for Giles catwalk show this season), this is actually one for us "normals" too.

I got the Creamy Matte Lip Colour (£18) in Passion Fruit (not yet available online) and Nail Polish in Roza (£11).

I've tried them today and have to say I love the products. I have only tried a few things by Bobbi Brown before but know a lot of people, particularly industry insiders, swear by her products.

The lipstick is totally juicy and moisturising and the nail varnish is one of the nicest nudes I have ever tried (it is hailed in Vogue this month). The colour is described as a "pink grey" and is just that. Very different to your usual grey or beiges.

So give the look a go.

Remember to keep lips matte and skin natural, without too much eye make up.

My new beauty buddies.

Backstage at Giles SS13. Pictures ©