Thursday, 4 October 2012

A MASSIVE fashion moment - AdR at H&M

Do I really need any words for this blog post? Just take a look at this video of the Anna Dello Russo for H&M party held in Paris last week. It totally sums up what an exciting collaboration this is. And guess what - the wait is over, it's out TODAY! 

The party was to celebrate the new line of jewellery, shoes and accessories that Anna Dello Russo has designed for H&M, in true OTT style. Snake bracelets, crocodile adorned sunnies, killer heels, ornate luggage (much like AdR's dress above, actually) and an amazing feather headdress. And loads of gold. Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold. Did I tell you Anna likes gold?

Take a look at the collection below...

All pictures © H&M

Get the totally amazing range here - if you are lucky enough to be able to get onto the site, that is. I have been trying since 9am today without any luck and I imagine it is bonkers in store too. No surprises really as this is the hottest High Street team-up for a long time. I expect the collection, on sale from today in 140 stores and online , to sell like the hottest, gold encrusted potatoes you have ever handled. 

So for those who aren't familiar with AdR, the "fashion maniac" - Helmut Newton's words, not mine, may I add - is the Editor-at-Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. I imagine you'd have to be a little bit bonkers/creative/amazing to do that job. She is snapped at every event and fashion week going in her bold and excessive outfits and has become a fashion icon over the years. Even him indoors touted her as "one to watch this year, Chloe". Impressive.

AdR herself says, "Excess for me means success". And excess there was at her Paris party, with her army of mini AdR's vogue-ing around her. Quite amazing.  (Oh and Azealia Banks popped in for a performance, of course.)

Proper fashion history - get involved if you can!

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