Friday, 28 September 2012

The File High Club

"May I pop your bag into the overhead compartment ma'am?"

"Errr, yes please?!"

Sadly I wasn't about to actually take off on a jet plane to Hawaii (although it kind of felt like it), rather I had stepped into what I can only describe as the film set of a plane for... a manicure.

I had seen pictures on Facebook of friends' visits to a curious airplane-like venue and was intrigued, so when I was invited by a PR for a catch up and she suggested MWnails I was super chuffed.

We went to the Holborn branch off Chancery Lane which has been open for over a year now, but the reason everyone seems to be suddenly talking about this quirky company is probably as it recently "went East". The newest branch opened this Summer in Spitalfields so the word is spreading amongst the East London cool crowd.

The 70s interior. Amazing.

The neat retro interiors are sourced from original American Airline Boeing 737 (check out those amazing seventies browns and oranges) and all the staff dress, and act, like air hostesses. Brilliant. You even get a little passport.

Rows upon rows of colours to pick from, including OPI and Essie.

And there's more.

The windows!

Here are your friendly cabin crew!
But the whole reason I'm bigging up this place is that it is one of, in fact possibly the best, manicures I've ever had. I'm a bit fussy, some may say, but this one was the bomb. Even the boyfriend commented within minutes., "Oh my Gawwwd, I love your nails!". Okay not quite like an uber-camp New Yorker, but almost.

Check in to MWnails for a treat or a girls day out, you will LOVE it.

The result.

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