Wednesday, 25 September 2013

NYC editorial | The Pink Story

Every fashion editor on the planet has done a pink story for AW13. Boring, I know, but it is THE colour of the season (though not a huge fan personally, prefer black myself...) and it would be criminal to ignore. It's tricky to make yours look different from thr next so I had always planned to make this one a bit rough around the edges, a bit gritty, and shoot it on the more run-down streets of Brooklyn whilst in NYC the other week.

The story is out this week and I have to say it is one of my favourites from the trip. Such a great team and a model who was so insanely cool she just had to be herself.

So here it is, Pretty in Punk. Hair by Riad Azar, make-up by Ingeborg and model Maritza Veer at Next.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

NYC | Coney Island Shoot

The first of the NYC shoots to be published came out about 5 days after it was shot - a super fast turnaround even on a weekly magazine. It was one of my first shoots whilst there and it was a location shoot on Coney Island. What a cool place.

The story was about mixing up texture and turning sparkle and shine cool, rather than glitzy.  Here are some phone snaps from the day, about 2 weeks ago now.

Our gorgeous model Kelsey

Photographer Ezra and colleague Kate

These are a few screen grabs of selects from the day (unretouched please note!) . Check out Look magazine for the full story!

WIBTW (What I Bought This Week): NYC

I've just come back from two weeks working in NYC (which you will hear a LOT about in upcoming blog posts to follow), so this week's pocket money was spent in the Big Apple. We didn't have a lot of free time but my speed-shopping skills are pretty well-honed and I managed to pick up a few gems whilst there.

I discovered J Crew big time whilst out there, as although I've heard the buzz for years I've never actually been in a store till now. So I went a little bananas. But if you are selective the prices are really good (some stuff like dresses goes up to a few hundred quid) and I got a wool jumper, cargo pants, a scarf, horse print socks (of course) and a really lovely silk print skirt for less than £200, which I think is very good.  The customer service here was amazing (Simone you rocked), as it was most places in NYC. Us Brits have a lot to learn, I hate to say.

Kate Spade was a bit exciting. I wanted a lot in here, but as my bank called me whilst I was in there to check my card hadn't been stolen, I limited myself. I needed a new wallet and I got a gorgeous patent coral red one.

The cool shops of Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg were VERY tempting, with amazing designer jewellery but a little out of my price range. However I found an amazing jewellery designers shop opposite one of our many hotels on 8th Avenue called Phoenix Roze where I bought the cutest gold necklace with 'C' charm. I wear it every day now - it replaces a similar one that I bought last time I was in NYC and recently broke. So that's allowed, right?!

Here are some snaps: