Thursday, 27 June 2013

Swimwear Editorial | Some Like It Hot

It's been a while since I blogged - but not without reason. We've been moving house and it turned out to be a mammoth task that zapped us of money, sleep, energy, and time to do much else but shift furniture, clean, dust and paint in the last couple of weeks.

So big apols for the absenteeism, but how's this for a warm welcome back - the latest Barbados editorial is out this week in Look magazine. It's a retro swimwear story we called Some Like It Hot. I'd like it hot please. (Or at least to be at Glastonbury. May head off camping this weekend in protest.)

We shot the story on location at a swanky resort. This pool belongs to Joe Calzaghe and the house next door was a certain Wayne Rooney's...

Here some pics for you to whisk you away to sunnier climes.

All pictures © LOOK Magazine

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Barbados editorial | Neon story

One of my favourite stories from our recent trip to Barbados was out last week in Look magazine, the neon story.

When we were location scouting around Barbados there were so many brightly coloured properties that we could have shot against (apparently it is the thing to have a neon house over there, how very on trend!) but in very busy or residential areas. So we were very chuffed when we came across a whole village of just-built vacant houses in every colour under the sun. It was a new government housing scheme - the equivalent to a British council block basically. I know what I'd prefer...

The derelict site gave an almost futuristic feel to the shoot, almost like an eerily empty movie set, hence the head "The Girl Who Fell To Earth".

Here's the finished story:

All pictures © Look Magazine