Sunday, 24 February 2013

Interiors on a budget: Picture walls

Pinterest is swarming with interiors (p)inspiration, and it's here that sometimes without even realising, you pick up ideas for your own place.

As a map lover, I noticed this pic on there a while ago:

© Country Living US
Amongst my many decorative challenges at my current abode in Brixton, one was to make what was once a lad's bedroom a homely feeing lounge again. Tricky. Plus we were on a massive budget.

So on a makeover mission I found some wrapping paper for £1.95 in one of the cool and quirky shops on Earlham Street in Covent Garden. They had Paris, New York and London. Perfect. All places I had been to and places that were special to me. I couldn't believe they were selling these as wrapping paper - the quality was great.

Next, off to Ikea for some super cheap frames in bright colours. And actually, looking at the picture above the Paris map is exactly the same as mine.

So this whole wall cost me about £21. Pretty cheap.

This Summer we are set to move into our own place, and I can't wait to decorate the walls with postcards and pictures from our various travels, paintings by friends, artwork and more maps.

I love photos, always have, and I pilfered a load of old photos of my mum and dad from when they were kids when they moved house the other year. I am fascinated by what they were like when they were younger. As it turns out they were pretty cute and pretty cool!

I have only just got the below back from the framers and can't wait to put them up in our new home with a mix of other old and new photos.

Trio of polaroids of Dad with his Scottie dog Jock on the beach.

Mum and Dad as sweet innocent nippers.
A very cool (/moody?!) teenage Mum.

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