Friday, 9 November 2012

Velvet + Caviar nails by Ciate

I love a bit of nail art. I'll try anything when it comes to nails. I even used to get mine regularly pierced at Afflecks Palace in Manchester when I was a student. Just waiting for that trend to kick off again!

There's always something new cropping up to better the last and I'm a sucker to try the 'latest thing'.

So the offer of a 'velvet and caviar' manicure from Ciate at the Snow PR press day was hard to refuse.

Basically, they paint your nails then they drop a load of what I called 'fuzz' over your nails. It looks a little bit like what you get in the filter of your tumble dryer. But the results are good! Go for a darker colour though - the lighter ones do tend to show dirt.

I love the caviar effect on a signature finger, great for a night out. Doesn't last too long but these aren't everyday nails!

The caviar nails sets are available now at Ciate and the velvet nail manis are coming soon. Get your fuzz on.

Kate from Fabulous getting her fuzz on

My nails, velveted and caviared up!

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