Monday, 12 November 2012

H&M SS13

There was a full-on ethnic vibe when you walked into the H&M press room last week, showcasing the new SS13 range.

Colourful giant tassels (that wouldn't look out of place on curtains in a castle), embroidery, global prints and detailed embellishment - it felt a bit like walking around a Moroccan souk rather than a High Street press event.

What's nice was that it felt exciting - like you just can't wait to see this stuff in the shops. This is what the cool kids will be wearing.

And it's always a good sign when Fashion Editors frantically asking when pieces are out - basically because we cannot wait to wear them ourselves, usually.

A tropical twist and continuity of studs and leathers make this collection one of my favourites from the brand for a while.

Look out for fashionistas rocking the red giant tassel skirt early next year!

Here a few of my favourite pieces:

Holly from the H&M press team looking gorgeous in THAT skirt and applique jumper from the SS13 range.

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