Wednesday, 27 March 2013

WIBTW (What I Bought This Week): I heart COS

This is not a sponsored post.

It bloomin' should be though.

I thought I'd do regular WIBTW posts as and when I go shopping but I'm seeing a pattern emerging. It seems I have a favourite shop and these posts are soon going to a read like a "What's New In Store" at, yup, you guessed it, COS.

I'm a bit addicted to it's luxe classics that cleverly go with ANYTHING, yet also cannily make you want to buy EVERYTHING (from COS, of course) to go with it. Mental.

And it's not just me. All my friends and colleagues love it too.

If I wear something from COS I can guarantee I will hear either "I've got that!" or "Oooh, where's that from?!"

So here are this week's payday purchases. Notice a few trends emerging...

My favourite? The cute heavy knit 60s style dress. Goes with my newly-chopped hair.

Dress, £69

Cardigan, £79

Jumper, £45

Top, £35
Scarf £35
All pictures © COS

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