Thursday, 28 March 2013

DENIM DEBATE: Have I found the perfect jeans?

Picture © Uniqlo

I think I may have found the perfect jeans. For me at least.

I've just bought Uniqlo's Ultra Stretch skinny jeans and am so happy with my new blues. They claim to "enhance your silhouette and define your legs" and actually I have had two compliments on my derriere (from women I may add) since I started wearing them.

They're made from a mix of cotton and Spandex are ultra soft and comfy, and ping back to shape. They are also relatively high-waisted, which, for a long-legged, high-waisted, narrow-hipped gal like me, is perfect. Minimal muffin top.

With change from £30 they are totally affordable - I should really go back and buy them in every colour.

Give them a try them if you are still searching for the perfect denim.

Uniqlo Ultra Stretch skinny jeans, £29.90 (pictures © Uniqlo) 


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  2. Hi and thank you! Your blog is great - I love all your cookery pictures! Chloe x