Thursday, 25 July 2013

Work Travels | Berlin + Edinburgh

Last week was a busy one and there hasn't been much time for blogging of late as I have left my trusty laptop at home so as not to add to the already heavy bags I've been carting around.

First up was 24 hours in Berlin as a guest of Chase PR to learn a bit more about Transitions lenses and Berlin frames designer ic! Berlin. I hadn't been to Berlin since A-level German (Wie komme ich am bestern zum Bahnhof bitte?) and things had changed. It felt a cold bleak place when I went back then, and now it's like a giant sunny Shoreditch - but without the try-hard vibe. I must get back there soon for a proper explore.

Then it was off to Edinburgh for 2 days shooting with a client I have been working with for years, so there was good food and good chat with a team I've known for a long time. A few vinos at sunset when we finished shooting. Perfect.

Berlin streets

Volt restaurant

Volt lighting

Volt - an ex-battery factory

Sunglasses at ic! Berlin

View from the offices of ic! Berlin
Beautiful Edinburgh

Sunset over Edinburgh
The Outsider restaurant - 2nd visit - fantastic food and view of castle

Waiting for the train home

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