Saturday, 27 July 2013

Metallics shoot | From moodboard to magazine...

The last of my Barbados shoots was out the other week and I was really pleased with how I managed to achieve the original concept I had with this one. It doesn't always work like that and sometimes you have to let go of much-loved original ideas.

It was a metallics story, "7 days of shine" - how to add a bit of sparkle or shimmer to your Summer wardrobe.

Here is a picture of the original moodboard I made a few weeks before we shot when I was brainstorming story ideas:

And here's the moodboard from my shoot:

I never wanted to copy any of the shots form the moodboard but wanted to capture those mouthwatering blues, the warmth, and the shine of the clothes.

It was a long hard day that day - our final shoot on a ten day trip, but we pulled it out the (sequin clutch) bag. Thanks to a fantastic team.

All the clothes are High Street unlike all the designer on the original moodboard. Check out the cheap as chips white blazer from Primark...

Here are the final pictures that went into the magazine:

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  1. Loved this editorial, I have the portrait image of the metallic skirt and embellished top up on a mood board in my work area. It's such a gorgeous pic!!

    Rianna xxx